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Herbs & Botanicals

Little About Herbs & Botanicals

For centuries, herbs and botanicals have been used to maintain a good health and treat some of the minor health issues. Overall health and well-being is maintained in a natural way and we all know that nothing is better than nature. At My Essentials, experience the benefits of herbal supplementation at amazingly low prices. Buy herbal supplements online, we have a wide range of herbs and botanical products to cater to all your individual herbal needs as per your lifestyle.

Echinacea & Golden Seal is a powerful combination to boost the immune health and promote digestive tract health. You can shop for this unique, powerful combination from the brands Echinamax, Jamieson, Nature’s Bounty, Swiss Naturals & Webber Naturals. Garlic Extract is another herb that is ideal for nourishing the body, protects the body from oxidants, radiation exposure and maintains general well being. Benefit your health with this ideal well being extract by Jamiesons, Kyolic, Swiss Naturals & many more of these brands. Ginklo alba, ginseng, milk thistle, oregano oil, saw palmetto are some of the herbs available at My Essentials by different, quality brands who promise to give the pure , natural health benefits.