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Hair Care

Little About Hair Care

Hair is your best natural accessory. While some are just born with luscious cum envious locks, others can simply tame their maine using the must-have hair care products that can transform your look and promise you a salon-finish right in your washroom, minus the professionals’ price.

Yes, our collection of hair care products at My Essentials has been hand-picked and boasts of the best of hair-care brands that don’t weigh too heavy on your pocket. In fact, cost a lot lesser than what your swanky hair-lounge might cost you.

Well, all that you need to do is to first understand your hair-type, its needs, and, then, you are wise enough to select right products for your hair on your own. Of course, we understand that with that plethora of hair products out there, it rather turns more complicated, and, yet again, you find yourself switching products every now and then.

So, to pull you out of this vicious cycle of trying one product after another in your pursuit of ideal hair care, we give you a lowdown of a few quintessential hair products that you will require to pull back your wild tresses, along with a few hair care rules on how you should be using them and what for.


Rules of Hair Care

Rule 1: Choose your hair-specific products

Once you are sure about what your hair-type is…dry, normal, frizzy, colored, oily or whatever in between, your first step should be to buy your hair-specific shampoo and conditioner, dedicated to treat your hair condition. And not just shampoos and conditioners, even hair styling and hair treatment products today, come separately targeted at individual hair needs.

Dry Hair: What you need is extra moisture to prevent your hair from drying out early. A rich moisturizing shampoo or conditioner keeps your hair hydrated even during harsh winds.

Quick Tip: Don’t pull your hair too hard or treat them brashly unless you want your brittle dry hair to break away. Use fingertips instead of fingernails to massage your hair when washing as it stimulates oil glands.

Oily Hair: Oily hair should use hair products which are citrus-based. Citrus keeps your hair dry and fresh for a longer time. Also, using a clarifying shampoo once a week will help you clean your scalp build-up that prevents healthy growth.

Quick Tip: Washing your hair every day will activate your oil glands and they produce more oil if washed very frequently. Rather use the inexpensive cornstarch powder that keeps you oil-free in between the washes.

Normal Hair: You should go for either a fortifying or moisturizing shampoo which is mild and doesn’t rip your hair of its natural oils.

Quick tip: Don’t overuse products as that hampers the normal growth.

Colored Hair: Ensure that you wash your hair with only color-shield shampoo and conditioner.

Quick tip: Avoid extreme color changes, such as from sheer blonde to deep mahogany as you rick more damage to your hair.

Curly hair: For curly hair, yet again, a moisturizing shampoo works the best while never miss out on a rich hair conditioner.

Quick tip: People with curly hair should keep brushes away as much as possible.

Rule 2: Hair styling products are not bad if used at the right temperature and lesser frequency.

Rule 3: Stress, smoking, sleeping disorder and poor diet make your hair dull and prone to breakage. Let’s assume that this time you know what to do.