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Natural Medicines

Little About Natural Medicines

Natural medicine defines the natural way of healing your illness through herbs and ingredients found in your own kitchen garden or the expansive bed of nature. From the Greeks to the Romans, to the Chinese and the Indian, herbs have long been worshipped for their therapeutic results. And before medical science was even born, your great grand ancestors also used the herbal remedies to cure and treat people diagnosed with minor and major ailments. Hence, there is nothing supernatural about the phenomenon of using natural medicines.

The use of herbs can as well be traced in the roots of modern science. No wonder that you have often been advised to eat fruits and vegetables by your doctor practicing scientific medicine.

However, the theory behind opting natural over scientific is primarily due to its holistic treatment. But, to help you understand that why you should consider going green, we enlist a few important benefits, such as:

1. Natural remedies pose no threat to your health as compared to the counter synthetic drugs. To make it easier for you, let’s tell you that the manufacturers of synthetic drugs are always aware of the harmful effects they can leave on your body.

2. Herbal ingredients utilize body’s natural healing power to cure a disease and restore its natural balance. That’s because the nutrients found in the natural ingredients are the ones produced regularly in your body.

3. The use of herbs and natural ingredients has been known to ward off diseases, as they increase the body’s immunity to fight illness and improve overall health.

4. It’s cost-effective. Natural medicine is a lot more inexpensive than modern science. You can even treat minor ailments using your own herbs while over-the-counter natural drugs are not very expensive as well.

5. Natural remedies are compounded of ingredients which are mild in effect, clean and more effective than laboratory drugs.

Alright! That’s about the many convincing reasons of this alternative medicine. Now, let us guide you on how and for what purpose can you use herbal medicines effectively.

Although, you must be wandering that when you can consume the same herbs directly, why should you go for natural supplements or medicines… Well, that’s because firstly there are many herbs that may not grow in your vicinity. Secondly, natural medicines are compounded using the traditional and authentic formulas which have been known to yield positive results in a particular composition.

But, if you still have any doubts, let our all-natural medical brands and products have you convinced through its humble offerings.

To get you started, our list of natural medicines offer effective remedies for nausea, allergies and sinus, asthma, fever and joint pains, diabetes, ear care and flu et al.


Allergies, Sinus & Asthma

To keep allergies at bay, you can try the Himalaya Institute Ceramic Neti-Pot that has been introduced to soothe dry nasal passages and wash off the dust, pollen and other irritants.

The Balance Modu-Allergies is another healthy formula to provide relief from seasonal allergies and asthma.


Cough, Cold & Flu

Cough, cold and flu are the most common yet recurring health issues that can have you bed ridden for days at times. But, allopathic medicine also weakens your natural immune system. However, there is a more natural way to heal temporary ailments through CanPrev, Cold-FX, Green Bay Harvest, Herbion, Jamieson and Land Art and more. You will be pleased to find the most common and effective herbs including echinacea and ginger, used to cure cold and infections, under these brands.



Krisda Café, a healthcare brand offers a number of healthy beverages in the form of tea that helps control the sugar level in your body.

Made with peppermint and berry splash, it makes for a delicious beverage that is sugar-free, low-cal and high in Vitamins A, C and E.


Digestion & Nausea

For a healthy digestion, chamomile is a popular herb that has long been used in herbal science while ginger has been seen as an effective cure for nausea.

So, leave your inhibitions and check out our extended range of complete digestion care, such as CanPrev Digestion, Homeocan Digestion Drops, Lily of the Desert and Natren and a lot more.


Ear & Eye Care

Your eyes and ears are perhaps the most sensitive organs of your body. Take extra care of them with our natural healthcare brands, Homeocan, New Nordic, Hyland’s and more, offering proven earache drops and eye strong formulas.



Natural medication is equally effective in feminine care, arthritis pains, sleeping disorder, smoking cessation and boosting your energy through essential and healthy nutrients found in these natural gems.