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Little About Dove

Dove is committed to creating products that deliver a genuine difference to your skin and hair. It gives a comprehensive range of solution like body washes, shampoos, face cleansers, body lotions for each skin type. Dove product range shows the real care and has the potential to bring out the true beauty, that lies within all.

Beauty Bars/Body Wash

Pamper your skin with the delicate care it deserves! Soaps are likely to strip the skin of its natural moisture. Dove beauty bars are formulated with a nourishing ¼ moisturizing cream that cleanses the skin, leaving it supple and smooth. The most famous of its products is the beauty soap — clinically proven to be mild and effective for dry, sensitive skin. Its other range of bars, Dove White Beauty, Go Refresh, Exfoliating Beauty Bar, take care of not just your face, but the whole body.

Dove beauty bars are filled with the following benefitting unique properties that make them stand apart.

  • Mild formula
  • Do not strip the skin’s natural moisture
  • Unscented
  • Safe for sensitive skin
  • Filled with moisturizing oils


Skin Care Tips

Has dry and dull skin become your identity among your friends? Do not worry! Try the Dove soaps that are enriched with moisturizing creams, oils and unique formulas and see the difference through your own eyes! Along with a skincare regime of Dove product formulas, a lot more care needs to be taken for a glowing face and body.

  • Water Intake: Drink lots of water, which acts as a natural moisturizer for your body.
  • Detoxify: A glass of mild hot water with lime in the morning, will help cleanse and detoxify your body.
  • Healthy Diet & Supplements: You are what you eat. Nutrient rich diet which includes loads of fruits and vegetables filled with all the essential vitamins is effective to attain a radiant skin.
  • Cleansing: Wash your face twice, daily with Dove soaps, and pamper your skin with the right nourishment. Not just your face, daily bathing with its moisturizing bars refreshes your entire body. Dove patents a unique cleansing technology with ¼ moisturizing cream that leaves your skin soft, smooth and soap-scum free. Get more for less, Dove soap cleanses, nourishes as well as removes makeup.

It’s not just the bar soaps, Dove offers an exceptional range of body washes. Dove Body Wash contains Nutrium Moisture that nourishes skin from deep within. Witness your skin’s natural radiance and be the Dove Beauty to captivate the entire world around you with your nourished glow.

Revive your inner beauty in dry, hot summers with the best of soft cleansers ever like Dove go fresh Cool Moisture Body Wash, Gentle Exfoliating Body Wash and Go Fresh Revive Body Wash that effectively nourishes the skin deep down and visibly enhance its radiance, strength and tone. While for winter, when the chilly air strips the natural moisture, Dove offers Winter Care Body Wash with Nutrium Moisture to winterize your skin. This Nutrium Moisture in all Dove products is a unique and patented moisture technology aiding in the maintenance of skin’s protective layer.

Dove gives you the confidence to love your body and feel beautiful, inside out!


When we talk about skin care, deodorants and perspirants can’t be left behind. These come in direct contact with the skin, especially the sensitive underarms — targeting the cause of odor and wetness. These have to be mild and gentle. Dove deodorants include Dove's ¼ moisturizing lotion that gently nourishes your skin and allows you to stay fresh and dry. Dark underarms are a common concern. Shaving and waxing leaves the underarm dark and dry. No more consciousness while you wear your sleeveless outfits. The white deodorant gives you the confidence to raise your arms to the world.

Feel the difference with Dove!


Hair Care

Its not just the skin, your hair too intensify your sexy, naughty and innocent moods. Hair is the natural jewellery that needs proper care to heighten the oomph factor. Just shampooing is not enough. Your hair is exposed to dust, pollutants and extreme weather conditions that strips the moisture, leaving them dull and dry. In any such case, following a hair care regime becomes a necessity.


How to create a hair care regime in 5 simple steps

  1. Say Yes To Oils:  Oiling your hair is the best natural way to make your hair strong and shiny! It helps in maintaining the natural hair color and preventing dryness of the scalp, thus putting a stop to hair loss. Dove Elixir Hair oil range is formulated with real ingredients to make oiling a more convenient and nourishing experience.
  2. Shampoo and conditioning:  To rinse off the hair, you must use a good quality shampoo and follow up with a conditioner. Dove shampoos and conditioners promise to give a 5 times smoother hair in just one wash. Its uniquely formulated shampoos keep the hair color vibrant and moisturized with an easy to manage quality. No matter what your hair need is — hair fall control, dandruff or split ends solution — Dove offers specialized shampoo and conditioners to every hair problem.
  3. Hair Treatment: Control the frizz and revive the shine, with the use of right hair serums. Split end is a common problem that increases the hair frizziness.  The Dove Split End Rescue System with its unique breakthrough split-end technology corrects hair damage and nourishes the hair with ¼ moisturizing to give you up to 4x less split-ends.
  4. Choosing Styling Products: Love for the curls or straights never come easy. Heating and styling leave the hair dry and frizzy.  Protect your hair, restoring their softness with Dove Style+Care Nourishing Dry Ends Serum. While you are exposing your beloved hair to heat, it should be worth it! But styling along with a long lasting hold is important. To attain that grip while protecting the hair from the heat, style with Dove hair care products like the Style+Care Thermal Replenishment Spray and Style+Care Nourishing Amplifier Mousse for a smooth satin finish.
  5. Visit a Stylist: Mark your calendar for a stylist visit. A professional hair stylist would guide you with the best ways to take care of your manes.


Hair Care Tips

  • Always comb your hair gently.
  • Before going on a ride, tie your hair back to avoid any hair damage
  • Have a balanced diet that includes ample amounts of proteins.


Men's care

Men´s care is a buzz these days. Unlike the old days, when men did not worry about their looks, now the scenario is completely different. Today, men are looking for products that are meant just for their rough and tough skin. By keeping this in mind, the Dove Men Care range includes products that are uniquely formulated with ¼ moisturizing cream, providing protection along with hydrating the fierce texture without any discomfort.


Men’ Grooming Essentials

  1. Simplifying the body washing process, Dove has the Men+Care Clean Comfort Body and Face Wash  products, the #1 dermatologist recommended products, powered with ultra-light micromoisture technology, a unique gel technology that activates on skin during lather, to guard against discomfort. Dry skin is a problem, faced even by men, and Dove range is clinically proven to fight skin dryness with no tightness. Not only this, for men who are prone to skin irritations, Dove body and face washes have a pH neutral formula that guarantees a gentle, comforting clean.
  2. Muddy pitches, football matches leave men’s hair tangled and filled with more dirt. They need extra care for that rough exposure. So, all the tough men out there, maintain your hair with Dove’s Men shampoos and conditioners and woo your women with your voluminous, healthy hair look. Style up with Dove fortifying styling gel and paste.
  3. Perfect your grooming with the right deodorant and antiperspirants! Bad smell puts everyone off. So, its important to use strong yet gentle deodorant that would kill the wetness and odor. Get 24-hour protection against wetness and odor and feel clean and fresh all day long with Dove deodorants for men that are tough on sweat but not the skin.