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Little About Badger Balms

Badger Balms came into existence in 1995, when it's founder and now CEO, Badger Bill Whyte, cracked and bled his hands while hardworking in his construction company, in cold chills. After many failed attempts to heal his pain, Bill and his wife, Katie discovered a new formula from beeswax and olive oil that not only soothed his own palms but also helped his carpenter friends. This family business soon flourished with their USDA certified organically formulated products’ healing power.

It was initially named as ‘Bear Paw’, but later changed to ‘Badger Balms’ with a bear logo, because of Bill’s belief that his formulation can soften the hands of anyone, even animals. This business grew to be among the top of B-Corporation (as of March, 2013). Badger Balms, apart from manufacturing soothing and healing balms for the whole body, supports and promotes organic, sustainable practices and feels responsible for the environment.

Since its inception, Badger balms has launched various new product lines that include Badger lip balms, body care, hair care, sleep remedies, and even an aromatherapy and Badger baby balm ranges. Its soothing and effective natural preparations leave your senses heightened with joy, calmness and relief. Read below and know, how you can indulge yourself in a harmonious experience with Badger products.


20 Daily Care Tips

Each day is a fresh start. So start it with a fresh care routine. But choose your products and priorities according to the sun and air - after all you can’t have the same skin needs all year round! Moderate temperatures may not affect your skin much, but extreme weathers will need extra care. Read below some helpful tips on how to maintain your gorgeous glow throughout the year.


Winter skin care

  1. A weekly exfoliating routine is highly advisable. Though the cell production in winters is comparatively slow, still you’ll need to scrub those dead/dry cells away, to let your skin bloom. Use a moisturizing scrub that doesn’t leave your skin flaky.
  2. Keep your entire body and face thoroughly moisturized. Prefer the organic badger everyday moisturizer that will help protect and soften your skin in the long run.
  3. Water is the eternal need and necessity. Not only will it keep your skin hydrated but also prevent breakouts while keeping up your glow.
  4. Oiling is yet another nourishing way to strive through dry winters. Rub a little oil after a relaxing night bath and shower the next morning; or if in a hurry, pour some in your bath. Try Badger body oils like Damascus Rose, whose wonder drops will make your skin as soft as a baby.
  5. Well, sun may not be so much high in the sky during this season, but that doesn’t give you an excuse to hide away your sunscreen. The winter sun and chilly air is too harmful to be ignored. Apply a minimum SPF 15 Badger sunscreen for a nourishing protection.
  6. Lips are one of the most beautiful and delicate features on your body. But if you don’t care well enough, they may end up looking like a rotten turkey. Apply buttery lip balms with flavorful colors from Badger, that will keep your lips moisture-locked.
  7. Pay special attention to your hands and feet. Follow a routine (after every 2-3 nights) of soaking them in warm water while exfoliating them. Follow up with the soothing touch of badger balms, which are definitely the perfect solution.  
  8. Hairs are such an important part of your personality, but winter dryness may wither out your scalp skin. Choose a condition-specific hair oil from the large collection of Badger products in Canada. Chumpy it one hour before washing - and you will be blessed with silky smooth locks all through the winters. And most importantly don’t wash your hair daily, have a gap of 2-3 days. 
  9. Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption during this season, as these habits tend to dehydrate your body, which will directly reflect on your pretty face.
  10. Follow a healthy protein-rich diet - religiously! Foods like eggs, chicken and turkey breast, nuts, salmon, tuna, tofu and yogurt help you keep not only your body warm, but also your weight under check.


Summer Skin Care

  1. Summers come with a sun warning! But don’t you worry, as long you can have a sunscreen. Don’t just dab, slather about a teaspoon full of it on just your face, and a full shot glass on your body. Take special care of your children, as they tend to have a more sensitive approach towards UV rays. Choose Badger baby sunscreen for their ultimate protection.
  2. Lots and lots of water! That has to be your mantra every summer. Due to excessive sweating and scorching sun, your body needs this fluid more than ever. Drink a minimum of 10-12 glasses a day to stay, happy, healthy and glowing.
  3. Avoid spraying any kind of spray or perfume on your skin, while you are out in the sun. This can result in permanent staining of that area. Rather spritz it lightly on your clothes.
  4. Eat healthy, cool foods like yogurt, nuts, seeds and lots of fruits. Cut down on your sugar level, and increase your raw vegetable/salad diet to maximize your antioxidant and nutrient intake.
  5. Even when indoors, keep a sunscreen or vitamin E rich moisturizer on, that will keep you safe from the summer air.
  6. Follow a healthy skin care regime that includes exfoliating, masks and packs, to keep it all under cool and control.
  7. Do wear shades or glasses when going out in the sun. This would prevent squinting, which often leads to fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes.
  8. Don’t wear heavy makeup, especially in the day-time, as multiple foundation coatings may promote an oily, acne-prone texture.
  9. If you want to get a tan, prefer an artificial one! Sun-bathing may expose you to various skin conditions including cancer and other forms.

After all day of fun and adventure, don’t forget to calm your skin pigments with a cooling After-sun Badger Balm.    

Badger Balms’ organically certified products are a must-have on any day, in any season. Choose the one that would work the best for you, after a careful consideration, after all it’s your skin we are talking about. Go through Badger sleep balm, lip balm, oil, moisturizer and Badger sunscreen reviews to ensure your needs and preferences. Once you know what you want, save yourselves the trouble and order Badger Balms in Canada at My Essentials and experience the benefits of online shopping.