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Wipes & Changing Pads

Little About Wipes & Changing Pads

Wipes & changing pads are the other essential nursery items meant to aid the challenging task of changing the soiled diapers. (You ain’t like to get your hands dirty, do you?) ...The harrowing job of flipping your newborn’s diapers can get messier than you expect with your baby squirming and flailing his limbs around while you try to clean up, nurse the weeping child, and, also do your best to not harm him/her in any way.

Children are sensitive and so are their needs. So, you must take extra precaution and invest in the right products — best changing pads and best baby wipes. The moist wipes softly swipe through your child’s soft skin and enable you to wipe off more at one go, hurrying up the tedious process. Isn’t it what you’d always asked for?

Well, that’s been granted with the Huggies one & done refreshing wipes tub that offers you wipes with a thick texture to clean extra with each slide. Huggies wipes are compounded of cucumber and green tea, and, thus, leave an invigorating aroma and freshness. Whereas, Huggies simply clean baby wipes can be used by the entire family. The soft nature of these wipes compliments your skin-type so well that you buy an extra pack for yourself other than the one for your newborn’s nursery.  

Pick Johnson & Johnson Tena Serenity pre-moistened wipes and use it to get an after-bath effect. Pleasant and refreshing! Also, you can have the Johnson and Johnson facial and hand wipes, separately, which address your different body needs and come handy when travelling or on-the-go.

Try Pampers’ natural clean wipes, which are compatible with the most sensitive skin-type. Its ultra-soft and gentle fabric smoothly takes care of the most delicate skin-type. Meanwhile, Cotonelle collection includes wipes which promise a soothing effect and are flushable.

Also, you can consider buying wipes from Lasinoh, which are ideal for the breastfed babies who demand frequent changing of the diaper. In between, the new cool thing is the organic wipes by NatraCare and Organ(y)c Beauty. Organic wipes are free from chemicals — sulphate, parabens et al, and prove to be a more safe and reliable option for little toddlers.    

And after you have double checked the baby’s body and his surroundings for leaving any poop behind and disinfect the area, you have the changing pads in place already by Huggies. Its eight-pack changing pads are comparatively softer and a convenient way to perform the diaper-changing ritual while they are also equipped with the absorbent technology, and, hence are waterproof. The disposable changing pads and wipes help keep the infections at bay. No wonder every mother swears by them.

All said and done, the good part is that now you can buy wipes and changing pads online and not trouble yourself by carrying your child around the shopping aisles. Whether you want to shop baby care wipes or changing pads online, order the best range of wipes and changing pads at My Essentials, and ease up a little. Being a mother, you’ve earned it.